Pitter Platters

Pitter Platters is not a team of employees on a fast paced production line. What began in 2002, is still a one-woman operation.

A tour of the Pitter Platters facility means a trip to the basement of the Carnes’ home, where you can find Cady, reading glasses perched on the end of her nose as she carefully applies the lettering to another one of her creations.

In need of a unique gift for grandparents, Cady decided to decorate a plate with caricatures of her children, depicting them as flowers growing in a garden. Friends started asking how they could get one, and a cottage industry was on its way.

Soon, Pitter Platters became a constant at craft shows around the Atlanta area, and the inventory expanded to items like Christmas ornaments, personalized crosses, piggy banks, picture frames and cupcake plates.

Cady Carnes Pitter Platters

Cady Carnes


Cady Carnes was born into a technicolor world. When she was four years-old, Cady wanted crayons and chalk for her birthday. When other seven year-olds were going to the circus, Cady was at the pottery painting studio. When other children were at the swimming pool, Cady was spending her summers at the High Museum art camp.

A lifelong creator, Cady majored in graphic design at the University of Georgia. She spent several years working in advertising after graduation, but that came to an end with the birth of her first child.

Two more children and a brief career as a pre-school teacher sent Cady in search of a way to return to her first loves: lettering and color. That’s when she gave birth to Pitter Platters.